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Explore the Experiences of a Talented Blacksmith by Playing Jacksmith

Jacksmith is one exciting game that will keep you hooked. You have to craft the weapons for soldiers in this game. This game will give you the opportunity to go through the experience of being a blacksmith. The blacksmith will be a donkey. When you are the blacksmith, you will be the one choosing the ore. You will be the one to select the mold, and you will melt it. Finally, the mold will have to be constructed and designed as well. Now what you need to know is that constructing these weapons will not be an easy job. You will need skill and strategy to create the best weapons and that is the real challenge.

Your job is not complete once the crafting is over. When the weapons are ready, you will have to go to the battlefield with the Warriors. When your warriors are busy fighting, then you have to put in the best efforts to create better weapons, and you have to continue your journey to Wizard Dudley.

How to play Jacksmith

This is how the game starts. First of all, you need to select the slot and enter your name. As the game starts, the soldiers will come to the blacksmith and will request the donkey to craft different weapons, for example, a sword. When you are creating the weapons, then you will have about 4 crafting stations to choose from. Initially, the crafting will be less challenging. You will craft something simple like a sword in the beginning.

  • For creating the long sword, you will have to select the mold. As you keep on traveling you will get a chance to choose from different molds. You will have to select the metals as well. There will be varying metals available like copper, bronze, iron, steel, gold and crystal.
  • At the initial level, you will have plenty of copper for creating your swords. When you progress, you will have access to other metals as well. Next, you will be waiting for copper to melt. However, if you start pumping the bellows, you will be able to melt the metal faster.
  • When the metal is ready, then you will have to pull the chain in the downward direction for pouring the metal into the sword mold. Now you have to be careful and should not pull the chain fast otherwise, the metal will spill, and the sword will not form properly.
  • The edges of the sword need to be sharpened as well. You will make use of a hammer for sharpening the edges. Start clicking along the sword edges for hammering. Remember that you will only be allowed to swing the hammer about 18 times.
You will keep getting orders for different weapons. This game is a different concept all together and also gives intricate insight into the profession of a blacksmith so you must play Jacksmith as it is a free game and is a good activity to pass away free time. Do not miss it.

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